Daigo Higa Knock Out Highlights

Daigo Higa Knock Outs

Daigo Higa is a Japanese Professional Boxer he is the Current WBC Flyweight title since May 2017, He defeated Juan Hernandez by TKO, and sucessfully defended his Best against Thomas Masson last October 22, 2017
This February he also stopped Moises Fuentes from Mexico in the very first round.

Daigo Higa now has a 15 wins all win by Stoppage he could be the hardest puncher at pressure fighter at Flyweight today.

Complete List of Fighters that Daigo Higa defeated by KO
2018-02-04 Daigo Higa vs Moises Fuentes
2017-10-22 Daigo Higa vs Thomas Masson
2017-05-20 Daigo Higa vs Juan Hernandez Navarrete
2017-02-04 Daigo Higa vs Diomel Diocos
2016-11-05 Daigo Higa vs Felipe Cagubcob Jr
2016-07-02 Daigo Higa vs Ardin Diale
2016-03-05 Daigo Higa vs Romel Oliveros
2015-11-07 Daigo Higa vs Renren Tesorio
2015-07-24 Daigo Higa vs Jakkrawut Majoogoen
2015-06-08 Daigo Higa vs Cris Alfante
2015-05-10 Daigo Higa vs Virden Rivera
2015-01-12 Daigo Higa vs Samruai Mungwong
2014-11-26 Daigo Higa vs Keisuke Fujii
2014-08-22 Daigo Higa vs Rotthang Wor Por Srisaket
2014-06-17 Daigo Higa vs Kongphichit Tosandet

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