List of Abner Mares Televised Fights

2014-07-12 Abner Mares vs Jonathan Oquendo

2013-08-24 Abner Mares vs Jhonny Gonzalez

2013-05-04 Daniel Ponce De Leon vs Abner Mares

2012-11-10 Abner Mares vs Anselmo Moreno

2012-04-21 Abner Mares vs Eric Morel

2011-12-03 Joseph Agbeko vs Abner Mares II

2011-08-13 Joseph Agbeko vs Abner Mares I

2010-12-11 Abner Mares vs Vic Darchinyan

2010-05-22 Abner Mares vs Yonnhy Perez

2010-03-25 Abner Mares vs Felipe Almanza

2009-08-27 Abner Mares vs Carlos Fulgencio

2008-06-27 Abner Mares vs Jonathan Arias

2008-03-15 Abner Mares vs Diosdado Gabi

2007-11-17 Abner Mares vs Damian Marchiano

2007-07-06 Abner Mares vs Saul Gutierrez

2007-04-20 Abner Mares vs Angel Antonio Priolo

2007-03-02 Abner Mares vs Robert Allanic

2006-09-15 Abner Mares vs Kevin Hudgins

2006-02-24 Abner Mares vs Omar Adorno

2005-12-16 Abner Mares vs Yamin Mohammad

2005-09-17 Abner Mares vs Selso Basquez

2005-06-16 Abner Mares vs Baladan Treviso

2005-04-29 Abner Mares vs David Vasquez

2005-01-06 Abner Mares vs Luis Malave

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