UFC 220 斯蒂佩·米西奇VS. 弗朗西斯Ngannou全力争取重播

$day 20, 2018 UFC 220 斯蒂佩·米西奇VS. Francis Ngannou

UFC 220 斯蒂佩·米西奇VS. Francis Ngannou Round by Round

Miotic tried to take down , Ngannou he wa not sucessful, both fighters then decided to get in the middle of the ring tried strike each other, Ngannou looks like the stronger and harder hitter but Miotic stand his ground and able to counter Ngannou with hard straights with less than 2 minutes remaining in the round Miotic has sucessfully taken down Ngannou , Miotic landed some short combination, and hard right hand landed again for the Champion, Ngannou slowed down a bit , Miotic landed a 5 combination to the head that stunned Ngannou then he takes down the challenger for the round ends.

Round left jab landed for Miotic, Ngannou tried an uppercut but missed, Hard right landed for Miotic Nngannou takes it well but that shot snapped his head back , Another hard right landed for Miotic followed by take down, Miotic now tried to sneak in some short pnches while Ngannou is on the ground but the challenger tried desperately to get back up, Miotic landed a left knee to the rib cage, Ngannou survived the round once agian but he looks exhausted

圆形 3 Miotic tried another take down but he failed this time, but few seconds later Miotic was able put down Ngannou again to the floor the challenger again was able to get up, Hard right landed for Miotic, Hard right hand by Ngannou stunned Miotic, Miotic tried to take him down once again, Miotic is now on top of Ngannou , Miotic tried to hit Ngannou with series of short punches to the head once again Ngannou survived the round

圆形 4 Miotic started the round with a kick then takes down Ngannou once again, lef elbo landed for Miotic series left hand to the head of Ngannou, series of elbow landed to the rib cage by Miotic Miotic pinned Ngannou down he is trying to choke Ngannou, another series of left had to the head of Ngannou body shots by Miotic.

圆形 5 Left kick to the thigh by Miotic, lundging left landed by Miotic

Stipe Miotic retained his title with scores of 50-44 on all judges and also Stipe made history to be the only UFC fighter to defend the heavyweight title succesful three times.

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