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Sergey Kovalev vs. Jean Pascal 2 Rematch Fight, Live, Results

Sergey Kovalev vs. Jean Pascal 2: Tale of Tape

Jean Pascal has a shot of redemption against Sergey a Krusher’ Kovalev this Saturday night, but he appears to be well outmatched by King Krusher of the light heavyweight division.

Sergey Kovalev vs. Jean Pascal 2 Rematch

Kovalev defeated Pascal with an eight-round TKO back in March 2015. Pascal’s performance in the bout was admirable, but Krusher live up to his name that night, he was operating on a finer level. Pascal is now training with Freddie Roach, who admits an exceptional execution of skill will be needed for the Quebecois to defeat Kovalev.

Each contender has only fought in one bout since their last match up. Kovalev conquered Nadjib Mohammedi with a third round KO while Pascal defeated Yunieski Gonzalez by a narrow margin, for a contentious, but consistent 96-94 win by all three judges’ cards according to Boxrec.com.

Here are the most recent numbers behind the men from Boxrec.com:
Kovalev: 28-0-1,25 KOs KO Percentage 86%
Pascal” 33-3-1, 17 KOs KO Percentage 49 %

Despite their striking similarities in age, weight, and reach, the two fighters exponentially diverge in two major areas: Rounds and KO percentage. Kovalev dominates on both accounts and this will prove to be Pascal’s undoing. Odds Shark has the line on Pascal at 10-1 while Kovalev is the overwhelming front-runner at 1-25. This is chief among many indications that this will be a one-sided fight. However, watching Pascal try and adapt will be exciting to watch on its own terms.
Pascal is a mobile man in the ring with a notable capacity to land a number of solid combos, but Kovalev possesses a deliberate nature which can unravel most assaults along with the raw power to stun with minimal hits.

With Freddie Roach in Jean Pascal’s corner for sure there will be adjustment that Roach see from the first fight

Jean Pascal said:
“Freddie Roach is one of the best trainers of all time. It is an honor to work with Freddie,”
“I’m quite confident that with Freddie in my corner, I will improve, as did Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto under him.”

Freddie Roach said:
“He came to my gym a couple of times and asked to work mitts with me and he liked the workout,” Roach told ESPN.com. “He was really happy with the mitt workout. Obviously, Kovalev is a tough fight. He’s a very strong guy and a friend of mine, but we’re on opposite sides for this fight and I will do whatever I can to help Jean win the fight.”

Can Jean Pascal win in a rematch this time?
In my opinion the result will be the same with the first fight I don’t see any reason for Kovalev losing this fight he have the advantage skills, punching power and although Pascal might have the speed advantage it won’t be enough because he does not have the punching power to hurt Kovalev. Pascal’s coach Freddie Roach admitted that this will be a tough fight and unsure if Pascal can win this fight as he said he will do what ever he can do to help Jean win. Kovalev will break down Pascal once again from the opening round until the fight ends.

Another Knock Out win for Sergey ‘Crusher’ Kovalev

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