ノニト ・ ドナイレ, Jr

ノニト ・ ドナイレ, Jr. (11 月生まれ 16, 1982) is a Filipino
American professional boxer. として知られています。 “フィリピンのフラッシュ,” ドネアは単3 形 4 部門世界 champion と WBA の解放 (スーパー) Featherweight チャンピオン.
ドネアはまた former IBF です。, WBO, The Ring Super
Bantamweight, WBC, WBO バンタム級, Interim WBA スーパー フライ級, IBF andIBO Flyweight チャンピオン.

ドネアの弟とプロになって 2001. 彼らはプロモーター ジャッキー カレンにサインアップ, 男の子の毎月の給料を支払った人 $1,500 各. When Donaire lost his second fight against Rosendo Sanchez in 2001, via a controversial decision, he tasted the intense feeling that he did not want to see the sorrow, sadness or pity in people’s faces. その時から, he had continued a winning streak for over twelve years until April 2013. After four pro bouts, Donaire and his brother Glenn left Kallen and returned to Manila with their father. Initially mulling restarting their boxing careers in the Philippines, they decided to go back to the better facilities in San Leandro, where their father felt there were fewer distractions.



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